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Full-Time RV Living: Mastering the Comforts of Home

Our RV pad almost ready for summer with outdoor carpet out and potted plants ready to start growing. Our dog is ready for summer too!

Living in an RV full time can be an incredibly fulfilling and unique experience, offering the freedom to create a comfortable and cozy home on wheels. While adjusting to this lifestyle requires some consideration, it doesn't take long to adapt and enjoy the conveniences of an RV dwelling. In this blog, we'll delve into essential tips for a seamless full-time RV living experience, focusing on low water pressure, refilling the toilet, emptying sewer tanks, heating in colder months, electrical considerations, and gardening limitations.

Overcoming Low Water Pressure

One aspect of full-time RV living to be mindful of is low water pressure. Some RV parks may have lower pressure levels than others, but fret not, as there are simple solutions. Installing a water pressure regulator ensures consistent water flow within your RV, safeguarding your plumbing system. Once you become accustomed to managing water pressure, and learn to adapt from being able to do laundry, shower and water the plants at the time, you get into a routine so that you only use the water for one big thing at a time. You'll find that it's a minor detail in the grand scheme of your cozy home on wheels.

Maintaining a Fresh Toilet

Our RV toilet being refilled with a foot to the pedal on the side of the toilet.

Unlike traditional toilets, RV toilets operate with a holding tank. After each flush, refilling the toilet bowl with water becomes a regular practice. With a foot pedal or lever, you can easily add water manually, keeping the bowl fresh and odour-free. This small adjustment quickly becomes routine, allowing you to focus on the comforts of your RV abode.

Effective Sewer Tank Management

Properly managing sewer tanks is a crucial aspect of full-time RV living. Once the tanks reach capacity, finding a designated dumping station or RV park with sewer hookups is necessary. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate equipment to ensure a hygienic and hassle-free process. Don't forget the tank chemicals and you'll be all good to go. With a little practice, emptying the tanks becomes a simple task that won't overshadow the joys of your stationary RV lifestyle.

Staying Warm in an RV in Cooler Months

If you're residing in colder regions during the winter months, it's important to address heating in your RV. While RVs may not be as insulated as traditional homes, there are ways to keep warm efficiently. Propane furnaces are a common feature in RVs, but to conserve propane, consider using space heaters, or even better, electric blankets for milder winter conditions. By making a few adjustments, you can create a cozy and snug haven inside your mobile home.

Mastering the RV Electrical System

Understanding the electrical system in your RV is essential for a seamless living experience. RVs typically operate on 12-volt batteries and utilize a power converter to supply 120-volt AC power to appliances and outlets. Be mindful of your electrical usage to avoid overloading the system, and familiarize yourself with your RV's breaker box capacity. By adopting energy-efficient practices and utilizing LED lighting, you can enjoy all the modern comforts without any power-related concerns.

Full Time RV Living Means Greenery in Portable Form

While traditional gardening may not be feasible, incorporating greenery into your RV is still possible. Opt for potted plants that can thrive indoors or outdoors, depending on your available space and climate. These portable gardens add a touch of nature to your RV, infusing it with life and beauty. You'll be amazed at how a few plants can transform your mobile dwelling into a tranquil and refreshing oasis.

Living in an RV full time offers the opportunity to create a comfortable and personalized space that rivals any conventional home or condo apartment. With a little adjustment and understanding, you'll quickly adapt to the unique aspects of RV living. Embrace the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle offers, and revel in the joys of having a cozy and welcoming home on wheels.


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