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How to Polish Epoxy Resin: A Guide to Achieving a Stunning Finish with Avocado Oil

A river lazy susan with many seashells and beach rocks and pebbles as the river. Polished with avocado oil for a perfect finish.

Epoxy resin has become a popular medium for creating mesmerizing art pieces, stunning tabletops, and glossy coatings. Achieving a smooth, glossy finish on epoxy resin can be the cherry on top of your project, but it requires proper polishing techniques. In this guide, we will delve into the steps of how to polish epoxy resin effectively, and introduce an unexpected yet highly effective polish - avocado oil!

Understanding the Polishing Process in Epoxy Resin

Before diving into the polishing steps, it's essential to grasp the basics of the polishing process. Polishing epoxy resin involves removing any imperfections, scratches, or surface irregularities to reveal a high-gloss, reflective finish.

Gathering the Necessary Tools:

To get started, ensure you have the following tools at hand:

- Sandpaper (grit ranging from coarse to fine)

- Microfibre cloth

- Soft cotton cloth

- Polishing compound (optional)

- Avocado oil

Preparing the Resin Surface

Begin by sanding the epoxy resin with the lowest grit sandpaper to eliminate any major imperfections or rough spots. Gradually move up to higher grits until you reach a smooth surface. We, at Preserving Nature Crafts, go up to a 10,000 grit for our river tables and lazy susans. Clean the surface thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.

Polishing with Avocado Oil

As surprising as it may sound, avocado oil can work wonders in polishing epoxy resin. Its natural properties make it an ideal alternative to conventional polishes. Apply a small amount of avocado oil to a soft cotton cloth and gently rub it onto the resin surface in circular motions.

A small serving tray with driftwood and wild daisies polished with avocado oil for a perfect finish.

The Magic of Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil has proven to be an excellent polish for epoxy resin due to its ability to fill in tiny surface scratches and enhance the resin's clarity. Moreover, it creates a long-lasting, water-resistant barrier that helps preserve the resin's brilliance over time.

Buffing for an Extra Shine:

If you desire an even higher gloss, consider buffing the resin surface with a microfibre cloth after applying the avocado oil. This step further enhances the shine and brings out the resin's natural beauty.

Polishing epoxy resin is a crucial step in achieving a stunning finish that showcases the beauty of your creation. While conventional polishes have their merits, our surprising find is that avocado oil offers outstanding results. Its unique properties make it an eco-friendly and effective option for achieving a glossy, long-lasting shine on your epoxy resin projects. So, grab some avocado oil and get ready to witness the transformative power of this natural polish!


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