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Why to Avoid Moisture in Epoxy Resin

A single coaster outlining the faded seaweed which happened as a result of being placed into the epoxy resin while it was still wet.
The circled gray area used to be a vibrant green colour but over time it faded as the seaweed was wet when placed in the epoxy resin

Why to Avoid Moisture in Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin has taken the world of crafting and DIY projects by storm, offering a plethora of creative opportunities. From preserving cherished memories to crafting unique art pieces, epoxy resin provides a durable and glossy finish. However, the key to successful epoxy resin projects lies in understanding why it is crucial to avoid moisture in epoxy resin. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind this imperative and its significant impact on achieving flawless results.

Avoid Moisture in Epoxy Resin: Ensuring Clarity and Perfection

To attain a pristine and flawless epoxy resin masterpiece, it is imperative to avoid any moisture in the resin. The presence of moisture can lead to unsightly bubbles and cloudiness, tarnishing the overall aesthetics of your creation. By thoroughly drying all items to be encapsulated before they come into contact with epoxy resin, you significantly reduce the risk of encountering such issues. When moisture is eliminated, the resin can cure uniformly, resulting in crystal-clear clarity and a smooth, glass-like surface.

Preserve the Vibrancy: Keeping Moisture at Bay

The importance of avoiding moisture in epoxy resin extends to preserving the vibrant colours of your artwork or crafts. Moisture interacting with the resin can lead to discolouration and even cause yellowing over time. Properly drying the items before encapsulation helps maintain the original colours, ensuring that your artwork remains as vivid and captivating as the day it was created.

Achieve a Strong and Lasting Bond

Moisture can compromise the bond between the items and epoxy resin, potentially leading to de-lamination or weakening of the adhesion over time. By ensuring that all items are thoroughly dried, you create a strong and enduring bond between the object and the resin. This ensures that your creations stand the test of time, preserving their beauty and structural integrity for years to come. The importance of avoiding moisture in epoxy resin cannot be overstated. By understanding and adhering to this fundamental principle, you can achieve unparalleled clarity, vibrant colours, and a strong bond, resulting in flawless and enduring epoxy resin masterpieces. Embrace this essential practice, and you'll unlock the full potential of epoxy resin artistry, creating artworks and crafts that mesmerize and endure for generations. Happy crafting!


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