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RV Counter Replacement

Updated: May 18, 2022

Since my husband and I live stationary in an RV full time, it is super important to us that we LOVE our RV and everything about it. After all, we moved into our RV full time to help alleviate some burdens of living in a condo; including being told by landlords that they will be selling their condo. See From Condo Living to RV Living Full Time: The Decision for more details on how we decided to move into an RV full time.

When we were RV shopping we were stuck between two RVs; each from a different RV dealership. In our blog What to Look for When Purchasing an RV I touched on why we chose our particular RV which mainly came down to the RV countertops. We would have sacrificed a little floor space for the RV that had more durable kitchen counters, but luckily for us, the RV dealership we ended up buying from agreed to give an RV kitchen counter replacement with quartz so the decision was easy!

Yes You Can Replace Your RV Countertops with Quartz

Thank goodness too, because the counters in the bathroom were wrecked within three months after a little scented oil spill from our plug-in. (Pictured below)

It took the dealership several months before they were finally able to find a counter stone company willing to change our RV countertops. I was excited when someone finally showed up to take measurements. I had begun to lose hope that we would have our counters replaced.

Medel from Medel Granite Countertops came to measure our counters and let us know everything each step of the way. Medel explained that RV manufacturers rarely put granite and quartz because it is heavy and everything within an RV is already pre-measured for weight before it is even built. He went on to say that he could cut the quartz in thinner slabs so wouldn’t add too much weight but would still work for us in terms of having good sturdy countertops.

When the original RV countertops came off I could not believe what I saw. The wood from underneath the countertops had already started to mould and was getting waterlogged. We had only been living in our RV full time for four months at that time with a brand new RV. We are sure glad we were able to find someone as knowledgeable and RV experienced as Medel to change our countertops.

Medel and Gabriel took our original countertops to use as a stencil for the quartz that would soon be installed. It was great timing since the old wooden countertops had already started to show signs of moulding!

While Medel and Gabriel were removing the old counters I looked out our RV window and saw a bald eagle flying up above the trees! (See full video here). I suddenly had an even better feeling about these countertops. All too often I will see a beautiful bald eagle gracefully flying about and don’t have my phone ready to take a picture; but that was not the case this time!

Medel and Gabriel finished the counters the very next day and they look amazing!

Here are the before and after pictures:

Original RV Kitchen Countertops

Quartz RV Kitchen Countertops

Medel suggested that we have the quarts countertops cover the sink, unlike the old countertops, so it hangs over the entire sink. This way the wood underneath will not start to mould again. I no longer have to worry as much about hot pots or stains.

Original RV Bathroom Countertop

Quartz RV Bathroom Countertop

Original RV Kitchen Table

Quartz RV Kitchen Table

It's been over a month since our RV countertops have been replaced and it has really brightened up our RV. I am looking forward to posting about more changes we have made; like replacing the RV "no-size-fits all" RV bedframe mattress... Stay tuned...

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