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What Not to Put in Resin: A Crafting Cautionary Tale

beautiful fresh flowers

Resin Regrets: Fresh Flowers

Moisture and resin don't play well together, making fresh flowers a risky choice. Preserving their vibrant beauty may turn into a wilted disappointment if you don't steer clear. Remember, moist items like fresh flowers will rot in the resin, tarnishing your masterpiece. It is imperative that flowers and anything else that goes into resin is completely dry before added to your creations. Here is a guide on how to preserve your flowers using silica gel.

Crafting Caution: Food and Foliage

Edible items and greenery are a resin no-go. Resin's best suited for non-perishable materials to maintain the longevity of your artistic endeavors. Keep your creations free from the risks of decay. Moist food in resin? A recipe for rot, not art. If you are determined to use fruit in your resin crafts, consider using silica gel or a food dehydrator before adding food to resin.

cut up fruit

What Not to Put in Resin: Steering Clear of Anything Wet and More

Resin isn't a fan of moisture. Be it pictures, wet materials, anything damp, or even items prone to decay – keep them out. Your resin project deserves to be dry and durable. Wet items spell trouble; they'll rot in the resin, compromising your creation and turning your beautiful flowers black or moldy. More details on this here.

No Room for Liquids: Water and More

Liquid substances like water should never find their way into your resin mix. Avoid potential disasters by excluding anything that might introduce unwanted fluidity to your artistic creation. Moisture means rot in the resin world, so steer clear of liquids.

Embracing Dryness for Resin Success

Moisture is the arch-nemesis in the resin realm. Ensure all your materials undergo thorough drying before they meet the resin mixture. This simple yet vital step safeguards your project from avoidable consequences, ensuring a resilient and enduring masterpiece.

The Final Resin Symphony

Crafting with resin is a delicate dance, and understanding what not to put in resin ensures your masterpiece remains a testament to creativity. Let your creations speak volumes, untarnished by avoidable pitfalls. Happy crafting!


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